Is MLSP a Profitable Network Marketing System?

What’s all the buzz about MLSP (My Lead System Pro) and is it just buzz, or is it something to pay attention to? Is this truly a profitable Network Marketing System or a waste of money? These were the same questions we were asking ourselves when we first heard about this lead generating system, so we did some digging.

If you’re like most home business owners today, you’re probably asking yourself “how do I make money using the internet?” because you are noticing a lot of buzz with online schemes. Without a doubt, the internet is the greatest invention of our time and now, more than ever, people are getting in tune with its capabilities. Especially the money making abilities because the internet has the ability to reach billions of people worldwide. In fact, there are 1.8 billion internet connected users as I write this article. Let’s take a minute and think about this…..pretty amazing, right? But how does the average person tap into this kind of a market with no experience?

If you have experience in the Network Marketing industry, you will know that a proven system is the answer to your success because a system is duplicable and normally proven with results. When looking to expand your market to the 1.8 billion internet users, we should be looking for a proven and profitable network marketing system to follow so that our team can duplicate.

Having a step by step simple system that walks you through absolutely everything is essential when the experience is lacking.

Introducing MLSP.

Founded in 2008 by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer MLSP or My Lead System Pro is designed to help home based business owners market their business and create multiples streams of income through lead generation techniques and funded proposals. This profitable network marketing system is a step by step game plan for your MLM Business online empire. The system will show you how to use tools that experts use daily to attract prospects and consistently convert them into sales and it will also teach you how to profit from people who don’t join your opportunity. Why would we limit our prospect list to our friends and family when 1.5 million people search for “work from home” opportunities on the internet?

This isn’t just another article on why MLSP rocks just to make a sale; this system is truly a game changer.

What do I get for my money with MLSP?

A fully automated funded proposal sales funnel
Self branding
30+ email auto-responders already written with your affiliate links built in
An attraction marketing system to show you how to become a sought after expert online
Expert training and weekly webinars from the best in the industry
More expert stuff that is incredible

strong>Let The Results Prove To You That MLSP Is a Profitable Network Marketing System.
There is a lot of crap on the net and if you’re not careful you can spend countless hours going around in circles of information, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and getting poor or no results. Results are the name of the game. Try before you buy! When you sign up for MLSP you can try the system for a low discounted price for the first month and if you don’t experience any value, you can 100% of your money back, no questions asked. This is what we call “risk-free”, so they obviously believe in their system enough to offer this incentive. Beyond the “risk-free” offer, the system is extremely effective in teaching people based on personal experiences and sharing success secrets from the founders and top members. The members of MLSP are open to sharing tips and strategies which has built an amazingly valuable community of like minded online marketers. In the two years that My Lead System Pro has been around they have members incurring great results in very short periods of time. There are hundreds of testimonials just like this one:

“I found these guys 7-8 months ago, and had some Insane Initial Success. I made my first sale in 3 days, had my first $500 day inside of 3 weeks, and my first $2000 month my 2nd month in. I had never made a penny online before! I’m now averaging 15-20 leads per day, because I listened to what I was taught and took ACTION. Do exactly what these guys are teaching and you’ll experience a whole new business. I never knew this was possible, and I wake up grateful every morning!” Jordan Schultz Milwaukee, Wisconsin

To build a strong consistent Networking Marketing business you have to always have new qualified leaders to enroll and you have to have a simple way to duplicate your efforts. MLSP provides the solution that all Network Marketers need. It is simply ingenious and a very profitable network marketing system.

The Marketing System MLSP – Attraction Marketing System For MLM

The Marketing System (MLSP) Review

The marketing system just above you is the system that made me my first $1 in this industry and over time has help made me more and build my business on a large scale. The first thing that you need in the MLM industry is a Marketing System that brands YOU as the leader and attracts endless leads, cash, customers and prospects to you.

You get to discover new ways to market and brand yourself online so that you can attract an endless stream of prospects, cash and customers to yourself without harassing friends, colleagues and most importantly family members.

Why have a marketing system?

Well, first of all leverage

The importance of having a marketing system as you start off your Internet marketing journey cannot be over emphasized.. YOU NEED IT. I struggled in this industry for years, didn’t listen to anyone who advised me. I was brand spanking new when I came in, so I was skeptical and was bombarded with information of things I need to learn e.g how to build a website, how to build a squeeze page, HTML, affiliate products marketing, traffic, YouTube, pay per click, social media…etc. I subscribe to newsletters and was bombarded with emails saying buy this, buy that, do this, do that. I almost gave up, but I didn’t which was great.

MLSP solves all those problems so you do not have to know HTML and the affiliate programs are built within and their converting autoresponders helps build a relationship with your leads and makes retail affiliate sales for you on auto pilot. It works guys!!!! All you need to is generate the leads (which they, we, I show you how) and plug people in. MLSP is the marketing system that result to my website and all the content in it.

The difference between MLM Lead System Pro and all of the other systems out there is that MLSP brands the heck out of you. You have shoulder to shoulder access to TOP 6-7 figure earners and producers in this industry, who teach you everyday about what to do and what NOT to do to be successful. They teach you what the are currently doing to make the money they make and how you can do the same. You would be blown away by how basic this things are, but ignored by 97% of Internet marketers. They give you access to all they know, holding nothing back.

MLSP acronym for MLM lead system pro is by far the marketing system for newbies and struggling marketers and here is why…

All the previous strategies and webinars done by top leaders is all archived in your back office so you can refer to them.
They host a weekly webinar to keep you updated to the latest online strategy.
Professional designed capture pages.
Auto responder emails that build relationships with your leads for you and market for you on auto pilot.
16 built-in affiliate products to sell to people who say “no” to your business.

Note: Do you know that 90% of the leads you generate would say “no” to your opportunity? This is because they already belong to a company and are probably struggling. So why not retail an inexpensive information product to them to help them build their business rather than preach to them why your company is best and why theirs is not. Retail information products to them instead, make more sales, help them and brand your self as a leader rather than a sales man.

If you want to own the marketing system that “uncover” the concept of ATTRACTION MARKETING, LEAD GENERATION and RESIDUAL INCOME, then I urge you to plug yourself to this amazing community.

Trust me the old world of marketing are gone. One on ones is old school, were are in 2011, going to 2o12. If you truly want the marketing system that would help you discover a new way and techniques to market your business (any business) online, even if you are new to the industry, make affiliate sales instantly and residual monthly income and get up to date marketing strategies from TOP earners who make 7 figures in this industry (people just like you). Do not worry because you have found it.

What Is A Funded Marketing System?

Every internet marketer needs a way to generate leads to grow their business especially in the beginning stages. When a business is just starting out or is on a shoestring budget every dollar needs to be maximized when it comes to marketing by using low cost and effective promotion methods. There are many different ways to market your product or service on the internet and one of the most effective ways is to use a funded system.

A funded marketing system is marketing tool that enables an internet marketer to do the most important thing in online marketing which is build a subscriber list. Once a subscriber has opted-in on a lead capture page, information about the internet marketers primary business along with other business programs marketed within the funded marketing system that the internet marketer maybe involved in to create multiple streams of income will be available for a subscriber find out more about.

Here are five important things that every funded system should have so that a beginning or experienced internet marketer can build their list and promote their primary product or service successfully.

• An easy to follow step by step system to set up the marketing system
• A simple straightforward way for marketers to build their customer list
• Tools to promote your product or service
• Mentoring and training on how to use the system
• Support for questions or concerns you may have about the marketing system

Using a funded system is a great tool for marketing your product or service as well as a way to create multiple streams of income. A funded system can be used by an experienced or newbie internet marketer. A good funded system has a few simple to follow steps that help a marketer to set up the system and market their primary business while also enabling a business owner to build multiple streams of income from other businesses in the program.

Having promotional tools, support, training/mentor and step by step instructions enables a business owner to build their subscriber list, promote their product or service, build their online presence and make sales by converting subscribers to customers in a relatively short time at low to no cost.

A funded system is definitely the way to go for a business that is just starting out and has a very limited marketing budget. Even if someone wants to start a business but has no idea what to do or how to start the funded system itself can be marketed to people as a way of getting leads for their business.